Scarlett Johansson S Black Widow
Marvel Studios

After lots of flirting, it seems we’re finally getting the Black Widow stand-alone movie we should have got years ago. According to The Wrap, Marvel Studios has hired Blacklist screenwriter Jac Schaeffer to write a script for the project, which would become only Marvel’s second female-led stand-alone.

Despite Kevin Feige making some positive (but non-committal) noises about giving Natasha Romanoff her own movie, it is still something of a surprise that the film has been announced. Especially as there was some suspicion that Scarlett Johansson’s contract was up.

But it seems Scar-Jo’s deal must be different to the other contracts that are more firmly ending at the end of Avengers 4, as The Wrap report has her in position to star once more as the ass-kicking Russian defector.

None of this actually means she will be saved from being killed in Avengers 4, of course, because the most compelling Black Widow story is probably set well before Thanos comes to the MCU. After seeing flashes of the Red Room in Avengers: Age Of Ultron, the stage is set for a prequel/origin story that jumps back in time (as with Captain Marvel) and tells the tale of what Nat did before she was signed up by SHIELD.

That might mean we’ll get to see what happened in Budapest (which of course means we’d also have to see Hawkeye involved – which is no bad thing, since he’s unlikely to get his own movie), and more importantly., it means we’ll see other assassins on Black WIdow’s tail as she flees her former paymasters.

So it’s definitely not a sty of execution for her in the Infinity Saga, unfortunately. But at least we’re going to get to see her in her own movie.

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