Nextcloud informs Softpedia today on the general availability of Nextcloud Talk, world’s first self-hosted, enterprise-ready, and end-to-end encrypted audio/video and chat communication platform.

Meet Nextcloud Talk, the first enterprise-ready, open-source, and end-to-end encrypted, and privacy-focused self-hosted communication technology that promises to give users full control over their data while chatting with others over the communication platform.

Developed by Nextcloud, the biggest self-hosted and fully open source enterprise file sync and share platform, Nextcloud Talk features text chat and audio/video conferencing support, and it can be hosted on-premise, accessible from the Internet through a web browser and on your mobile device.

“Nextcloud has become the vendor with the greatest momentum in the self-hosted Enterprise File Sync and Share market and increased its customer base by 7 times in 2017,” said Nextcloud in the press announcement. “Over 500 individuals contributed more than 6.6 million lines of code to Nextcloud last year!”

A privacy-focused communication service for home users and enterprises

Designed to respect user’s privacy, Nextcloud Talk is the ultimate audio/video communication service that can be easily deployed in users’ homes or enterprise environments, no matter if it’s a small- or medium-sized business or an international company. It offers an easy-to-use interface and commercial features.

Nextcloud Talk is available today for both Android and iOS mobile operating systems, can be easily integrated into an existing business workflow to allow participants to receive reminders and calendar invitations, and it’s 100% secure and private as all calls are peer-to-peer and end-to-end encrypted.

The text chat is encrypted as well, and its logs are stored on the local Nextcloud Talk server. With a Nextcloud subscription, businesses can enjoy many other features, including access to the Spreed high-performance backend offering, as well as enterprise-class scalability and reliability.

Another great functionality of Nextcloud Talk is the Screen Sharing feature that lets participants to make presentations while sharing links and notes in the side chat bar. As expected, Nextcloud Talk can be easily integrated with Nextcloud Files and Nextcloud Groupware for seamless collaboration.

The Nextcloud Talk server requires Nextcloud 13

Nextcloud Talk doesn’t require users to sign up for an account or install additional software to join a private or public call. All audio/video meetings work in real time through the high-definition H265 codec. Moderators will be able to invite, mute or remove participants from a conversation.

To install Nextcloud Talk you will have to upgrade to Nextcloud 13, which is currently in beta testing. Mobile apps for Android and iOS are available today from the respective application stores, and home users can enjoy it right now through he Nextcloud App store. Visit the official Nextcloud Talk website for more details.

Nextcloud Talk

Nextcloud Talk