Microsoft seems to be dropping all kinds of hints regarding its future projects, and after getting everyone pumped with all the patents hinting at the existence of a potential Surface Phone, here comes new evidence that the Andromeda OS is advancing.

Listings in the Microsoft Store point to apps with support for Andromeda, again with the mysterious 8828080 label that we’ve seen earlier this month as well.

Originally spotted as a product category in the Microsoft Store, 8828080 is part of Microsoft’s corporate phone number and which the company appears to be using as an internal codename for the upcoming Andromeda OS.

The same number is now listed in the supported OS list in the Microsoft Store, with WindowsCentral coming across not only first-party apps, but also software developed by third-party companies like Spotify and games.

Andromeda development advancing fast

While there’s plenty of speculation right now on the current state of Andromeda, this new evidence does show that the project advances and Microsoft dropping so many hints about it makes us believe the company is satisfied with how the whole thing improves.

Andromeda is a new project whose purpose is to allow Windows provide the same experience regardless of the device, with its UI and features to adapt depending on a series of factors, including form factor, screen size, and available hardware. A shell known as CShell will be at the core of the project, making everything responsive for each device.

It goes without saying that Microsoft continues to remain tight-lipped on everything Andromeda, though the company seems to enjoy this game of dropping hints every once in a while.

More evidence of how the project advances, however, are expected next year when Microsoft is likely to accelerate development of the project. 2018 is going to be a big year for Microsoft, with the first Windows 10 update to be released in the spring, while the second one is expected in the fall.