Microsoft is betting big on the security side of Windows 10, and Windows Hello is playing a key role in keeping devices running the operating system protected at all times.

But the company has recently partnered with Fujitsu to invent something truly innovative. Instead of using fingerprints to authenticate in Windows 10 – because, you know, fingerprints can be cloned – Microsoft and Fujitsu say customers who purchase new device models can secure their data with palm vein authentication.

Because the system relies on information that’s inside your palm, it can’t be replicated by an attacker, and this makes it virtually impossible to breach.

Contactless authentication

The system works just as easy as a typical fingerprint sensor. What you need to do is have the palm placed above the sensor and let it read the unique vein map. The process takes place instantly and once the identity is confirmed, it provides access to the desktop.

“Vein patterns are unique to individuals and contain detailed characteristics for formulation of algorithm template. The sensor of the palm vein device can only recognize the pattern if the deoxidized hemoglobin is actively flowing within the individual’s veins,” Fujitsu explained.

There are also other advantages that such a technology brings. For example, Fujitsu emphasizes that with contactless authentication, you also turn to more hygienic means of logging in, though it goes without saying that afterward, you’re still going to touch the computer if you want to type something.

On the other hand, the advanced authentication algorithm should be able to offer a high level of accuracy and application versatility, and Fujitsu says it’s using its two decades of image recognition experience to make everything run smoothly.

The two companies have said anything about consumer devices that could feature PalmSecure, as the focus is now on enterprises, but sooner or later other OEMs should build similar tech to make it more widely available across the world.

How PalmSecure works on a Windows 10 laptop