Here’s something fresh from the rumor mill, though it goes without saying that a certain amount of skepticism is required at this point: Microsoft wanted to purchase a series of large companies in the video gaming industry, including EA and Valve, to address the lack of first-party titles on Xbox.

While such speculation lands pretty much out of nowhere, Polygon says the information comes from “a reliable source close to Microsoft.”

The software giant was interested in purchasing Electronic Arts, as well as Valve and PUBG Corp., the maker of the already super-popular PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, according to the same report.

It seems Microsoft considered such acquisitions because they would have helped the company bring more first-party games to its own Xbox gaming platform, as this is currently described as one of the main drawbacks of the company in the video gaming world.

Super expensive plan

And while details are very scarce right now, it goes without saying that buying any of the companies mentioned above would have been a very, very expensive move for Microsoft.

At this point, Electronics Arts is one of the leading publishers in the industry and taking over the company would have been not only pretty difficult, but also a takeover that would have emptied the software firm’s wallet.

In mid-2016, Microsoft purchased business social networking service LinkedIn for no less than $26.2 billion, a transaction that many have criticized especially because of the high price.

Regardless of whether this report is accurate or not, it looks like Microsoft is very keen on making a bold move that would give a substantial boost to its gaming efforts. The company has recently purchased PlayFab, a cloud-based live gaming platform that will be integrated into Microsoft Azure, and analysts more takeovers on this gaming front to happen soon.

It goes without saying that Microsoft has remained tight-lipped on all these rumors, so it’s nearly impossible to tell right now if the company is still interested in such a large-scale takeover or not.