Microsoft launched Windows 10 S last year to provide users with what it called an enhanced experience focused on security and performance, and it seems that the company is now looking into ways to make this new approach available to as many people as possible.

Part of this plan could be releasing a new so-called S Mode for Windows 10 Home that would essentially convert the full version of the operating system to Windows 10 S, but without removing the Win32 components.

Basically, what Microsoft might be trying to do is enable the Windows 10 S mode on Windows 10 Home, the same way the company currently offers the S package on Windows 10 Pro – users of Windows 10 S can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro quickly without the need for a reinstall, and there’s a chance a similar system could be implemented for the Home SKU as well.

Coming in Redstone 4

The company’s new Bug Bash dropped a hint that an S Mode for Windows 10 Home is being considered for Redstone 4 to lock down the operating system and block the installation of Win32 software.

This means that by enabling this feature, Windows 10 Home would only allow apps from the Microsoft Store, just like Windows 10 S does on devices running it, such as the Surface Laptop.

“In RS4, Windows customers will be protected and secured in the same way by S as a mode of Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Pro, and Windows 10 Home. ‘S Mode’ protects Windows with Code Integrity and SmartScreen, and highlights the best of Windows with Office and trusted apps from the Windows Store, Edge, and Bing,” Microsoft explains.

Windows 10 Redstone 4 will launch in the spring, and the update is projected to be finalized in March. Insiders will be the first to receive it, while the production ring is likely to get it in April as version 1803.