Microsoft Edge browser launched on iOS and Android last year, and since then, the company has been rolling out updates for both platforms regularly, mostly in an attempt to make its app a more powerful alternatives to the likes of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

And while Edge improved a lot in the last few months on mobile, the application was available in just a bunch of countries on the official stores. Until recently, that is, as Microsoft Edge browser for Android and iOS has gone live into the app stores in most English- and French-speaking markets, but also in Germany, Austria, Portugal, and Brazil.

iPad version coming next month

The announcement was made by Sean Lyndersay, Microsoft Edge product manager, who also revealed in a follow-up tweet that the iPad version of the browser is in internal testing.

“Shh, don’t tell anyone, but the iPad version is in internal testing and looking great. It’ll take a little longer to bake, so we’re going to roll out it to our TestFlight users early next month and get feedback from them before making it widely available. Thanks for using Edge!” he posted.

What’s important to know, however, is that although Edge for iPad indeed rolls out early next month, it’ll only be available for TestFlight users at first, and the production ring would get it at a later time. Most likely, there’ll be limited seats available in the early days of the program, so keep an eye on the news to find out when the iPad version goes live.

This helps Microsoft track down bugs and fix them before launching the browser for everyone, and this a critical part of the company’s mission to deliver flawless performance to its users.

In the meantime, users on Android can give a try to Edge browser regardless of the country they live in by simply downloading the APK file using this link. iPhone users can find Edge on the App Store if their region is officially supported at this point.