Microsoft has launched another campaign in an attempt to poach Google, Dropbox, and Box customers, offering free OneDrive storage for up to three years when switching to its own service.

Basically, the software giant is aiming for customers that are using cloud services of rival companies, and the offer is only available for those with an existing contract with any of the three companies with a minimum of 500 users.

Microsoft says interested customers can do the switch until June 30 this year, and in order to get more information, organizations need to contact Microsoft FastTrack. The company promises a smooth transition to OneDrive and Office 365.

And this is exactly what Microsoft is aiming for. By trying to bring customers of its rivals to OneDrive with this offer, the software giant hopes they could also get a taste of other services and thus keep them on board even after the three years of free storage.

Aiming for the long term

For a company that has more than 500 users, migrating to another service after three years just because the free promo comes to an end is a very complicated thing to do that many won’t agree with, so Microsoft is aiming for the long-term here.

“Choosing to store your files in OneDrive instead of other cloud storage providers allows you to work faster and smarter with Office 365. It’s the only service that provides real-time co-authoring within Office Online and the Office 2016 apps for mobile, PC, and Mac—as well as personalized search and discovery powered by the Microsoft Graph,” the company says.

Microsoft uses this announcement to highlight the capabilities of OneDrive and the feedback it receives from some of its largest customers, trying to entice more enterprises with contracts at rival services to “switch to OneDrive for free.”

This isn’s an easy mission, though, and it’ll be interesting to see how many customers Microsoft can poach with this strategy. But judging from how the company’s cloud services are doing these days, Microsoft is making the right move here.