Microsoft rolled out Launcher for Android version 4.5 beta last week, and today the company shipped the very first update supposed to refine the experience and bring a bunch of improvements.

At this point, the stable version of Microsoft Launcher is 4.4, while the beta release has already reached 4.5, with a new public launch to take place once all bugs are ironed out.

Microsoft Launcher beta comes with two added lines to the change log, namely options to import settings from other launchers using the Settings > Backup / Restore menu items and controls to reset the launcher from Settings > Utilities / Reset Launcher.

Microsoft Launcher 4.5 changes

Otherwise, the release notes are exactly the same as in the original beta version 4.5 and include recurring reminders, support for Android Oreo app and widget shortcut creation, and different wallpapers for the home screen and lock screen on Android 7 and newer.

Microsoft says that starting with Launcher version 4.5 users can also let meeting attendees that they’re running late using only the calendar card, while employees with Microsoft Intune data protection policies can use the launcher to view corporate data.

Microsoft Launcher for Android is one of the most successful apps developed by the Redmond-based tech giant for Google’s mobile operating system, and this is one of the reasons updates are released at such a fast pace. At this point, Google Play Store figures point to more than 10 million downloads for the launcher, and this is impressive to say the least given that until recently, Microsoft hasn’t updated the app at the same fast pace.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s commitment to Android apps is increasing with every new release, so downloading betas like this one gives experienced users the chance to try out what’s coming from the company as part of this new mobile push.

You can download the Microsoft Launcher beta APK from Softpedia, though keep in mind that since this isn’t a stable release, some bugs might still exist.