Microsoft has already confirmed that it no longer plans to release new features and phones running Windows 10 Mobile, but you wouldn’t normally expect the company to actually make things worse on devices that are powered by its mobile OS.

Because this is what’s happening these days following the most recent Skype update for the production ring, as users are now complaining that the rear camera image is… upside down.

As weird as that might sound, this ridiculous bug has been detected in the latest stable version of Skype, and not in the builds that were shipped to insiders. Reddit user zunetracks says it spotted the issue in version 12.13.274, but the latest stable version of the universal Skype in the Microsoft Store is 12.13.257.

Several other users confirmed the bug affecting the rear camera, adding that the front-facing camera, which the majority of Skype users turn to when running video calls, works correctly.

The Windows 10 Mobile demise

While this would normally be just a bug that Microsoft can easily fix with a quick update, it does nothing more than to fuel the criticism against the company for ignoring its own mobile platform.

The software giant has been doing that for several years already, and bugs like this one are clearly unacceptable for diehard fans who just want to continue using their devices and not switch to Android and iOS.

Somewhat funny but sad is a message that one of the users participating in the linked thread posted a few hours ago:

“I imagine the Skype team chasing camera bugs with the Benny Hill music playing in the background.”

Let’s see how fast Microsoft fixes this bug given how much it cares about Windows phones these days, and in the meantime, here’s something to keep you entertained: