Even though Microsoft hasn’t said a single thing about the Surface Phone lately, the patent discoveries that made the rounds several times in the last couple of months were for many reason enough to think this device is indeed on its way, and what’s more, it has what it takes to rescue Redmond’s collapsing mobile platform.

While at this point the level of speculation is close to reaching a new record, a statement from a Microsoft official makes everyone dream about the Surface Phone once again, despite not providing any specifics about this project.

The mobile form factor

Speaking with Digit in an interview (via WindowsLatest), Anant Maheshwari, President for Microsoft India, explained that there’s some work under way that involves both his company and other OEMs on the mobile front.

“I would say in the form-factors we are currently really focused on, clearly the Surface line of products which has Surface Hub, the Surface Studio, the Surface Book and the Surface Pros, we have a lot of capabilities across those devices, and we are continuing the focus on those form-factors,” he was quoted as saying by the cited source.

“As far as mobiles are concerned, we are working with all the major OEMs and OS players to create new applications and experiences. We want people to be able to access all Microsoft apps and services on the mobile form factor also,” he continued (emphasis is ours).

The last part appears to be the one getting everyone’s hopes high, though it’s worth emphasizing this is by no means confirmation that a Surface Phone is on its way. Providing users with an easy way to access Microsoft apps and services on mobile devices is a thing that the software giant has been trying to do for a while, yet it doesn’t necessarily involve Windows phones, but Android and iOS.

Of course, Microsoft could very well launch a Surface Phone sometime in the coming years, but the chances are it’ll be powered by Windows 10 (on ARM most likely) and not by Windows 10 Mobile. The mobile form factor, however, is the one that’s catching everyone’s attention, but for the time being, this is just a project that we’ve seen in patents and nothing more.