Microsoft has released a new cumulative update for systems running the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (version 1709), and the focus this time is on performance improvements and bug fixes.

First and foremost, it’s worth noting that Windows 10 cumulative update KB4058258 pushes build number to version 16299.214, so when typing winver in the Start menu, this is the numbering you should see.

The changelog, which you can find in full in the box at the end of the article, includes fixes for bugs causing colors to be distorted when the system is connected to displays with wide color gamut support, as well as for issues that were experienced on dual-monitor configurations where the second monitor connected to a legacy AMD display adapter starts flashing after sleep.

Microsoft says it has also addressed a problem leading to substantial delays when switching keyboard languages with Alt+Shift, and this is one bug that I’ve also hit on a system running the Fall Creators Update.

More fixes for AMD systems

Additionally, the company explains that Windows 10 cumulative update KB4058258 provides additional protections for the x86 versions of the Fall Creators Update, but the company doesn’t provide any sort of specifics in this regard.

And last but not least, the firm says this cumulative update also includes additional fixes for the computers with AMD chips that experienced issues with Meltdown and Spectre security patches. Some of these PCs were pushed into an unbootable state, and Microsoft had to pull the original security patches temporarily.

There are three known issues in this update, two of which are inherited from the previous cumulative updates.

First of all, it’s the incorrect reporting in Windows Update History which tells that the update failed to install – Microsoft says you should check the Windows version to figure out if this is accurate or not, as well as the antivirus compatibility issue that could block some systems from getting the patch.

Finally, there’s a new bug causing some systems to experience issues when trying to log into websites with third-party account credentials in Microsoft Edge. A fix is on its way and should be provided in an upcoming Windows 10 cumulative update.