Microsoft is working on updating its OneDrive cloud-based storage service with a brand new feature that would enable quick file recovery.

Based on backups created in the cloud, OneDrive’s so-called Files Restore has already been demoed by Microsoft at a SharePoint Saturday event in San Diego a few days ago. Ryan Schouten, Microsoft MVP, said in a tweet that the feature will launch in the next couple of weeks and that it’ll allow to “restore the files from any point you want.”

One particular case when file recovery from the cloud is particularly helpful is following a ransomware attack. Microsoft has taken several steps to reduce the impact of a ransomware infection, and with this new feature, users would be able to restore their files even if drives have previously been compromised by malware.

OneDrive for Business exclusive or available for everyone?

At this point, there are several questions that need to be answered (and which will most likely be detailed in the coming weeks when the feature becomes available), and one of them concerns the users who are going to get it.

It appears that Microsoft’s demo last weekend was made with an Office 365 account, and this could be a suggestion that only businesses might get such a feature, and it certainly makes sense given they are the most impacted by ransomware infections.

On the other hand, making this feature available beyond OneDrive for Business and allowing consumers to use it as well, either for free or with a small fee, could give Microsoft a substantial advantage in the fight against other cloud solutions from rival companies like Google and Dropbox.

Microsoft is expected to detail how this feature works and who gets it by the end of the month, especially because the rather silent announcement last weekend seems to have generated excitement in the Microsoft community already.