Digital assistant Cortana spearheads Microsoft’s efforts to conquer non-Windows mobile platforms, so it’s critical for the company to release frequent updates with bug fixes, refinements, and new features.

And today it’s one of those days when Microsoft proves its commitment to improving Cortana on Android, as both the beta and the stable builds got updated.

The stable version of Cortana has reached, while the beta build is now at, and you can download both using the links in the last paragraph.

A change log hasn’t been provided, with Microsoft only saying that both releases include bug fixes and nothing more. And this certainly makes sense, as they’re both only minor updates, though the beta could include more under-the-hood changes in anticipation of a bigger update coming soon.

The Android focus

Despite Cortana not being the native Android digital assistant, it’s still one very popular application, with Google Play Store stats indicating between 1 million and 5 million downloads.

On the other hand, with Windows phones going dark slowly but surely, users switching to Android are very likely to look for Microsoft apps in general, and Cortana in particular, in order to make their new devices feel more like home. This is one of the reasons Microsoft is investing so hard in non-Windows mobile apps, as it wants all of its users to get the best of its services no matter the platform.

This has obviously attracted criticism from diehard Windows phone fans, but with Windows phones losing focus, Microsoft has no other way to remain relevant in the mobile business than investing in Android and iOS solutions.

The digital assistant is likely to continue receiving updates in the coming months on both platforms, and today’s release paves the way for bigger changes. You can download the new Cortana for Android APKs from Softpedia (make sure you select the correct stable or beta builds you want to download).