The preview version of Microsoft Edge for iOS has received another update today, and among the highlights, there’s support for 3D Touch.

Microsoft Edge arrived on Android and iOS with much fanfare earlier this year, and now Microsoft is working at full speed to make the app a more powerful alternative to the existing browsers which dominate the two platforms.

Today’s update includes one eagerly-anticipated feature for iPhone users, as it brings 3D Touch support for the models that come with this tech. By force pressing the Edge icon on the iPhone home screen, users are now capable of launching a voice search, create a new tab, open an InPrivate tab and browse the web incognito, or launch a QR scanner.

Password managers land in Edge for iOS

Additionally, the new version of Microsoft Edge also includes support for two different extensions, namely LastPass and 1Password. Both password managers are available in the share sheet, allowing you to quickly fill in details such as usernames and passwords when browsing the web.

What’s very important to note is that these features are only available for the preview version of Microsoft Edge, and this should not be confused with the one that’s listed for download in the App Store.

Microsoft is offering a separate version of Edge browser as part of the TestFlight program that has limited seats available for private testers, as the company wants to get feedback on all new features before releasing them publicly.

Without a doubt, it shouldn’t take too long before all these features are pushed to the App Store version of Microsoft Edge as well, but it all depends on how they work in the preview builds.

Further updates with support for more apps and extensions are expected in 2018, as work on Microsoft Edge for both Android and iOS advances at a really fast pace these days.