Microsoft has just updated several of its Android apps, either the beta or the stable versions, as the company continues its commitment to providing users with the best it can offer regardless of the platform they’re currently on.

Today’s updates include new releases for Office apps (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), but also for Microsoft Launcher, Cortana digital assistant, and Edge browsers.

Unfortunately, however, the software giant hasn’t provided changelogs for these new versions, so we can only assume the updates are focused on fixing bugs and improving performance, with no major new feature being added.

This isn’t something very surprising given how frequent Microsoft updates these apps, and this fast cadence includes many releases mostly focused on addressing feedback and refining general performance.

The new versions of the updated Android apps are as it follows (you can click them to download the updated APKs right now from Softpedia):

It goes without saying that users of these apps should update as soon as possible, though it’s worth mentioning that the new betas are recommended only for more tech-savvy users, as they could come with bugs and issues that you wouldn’t normally experience in the stable releases.

Out of the apps updated today, Microsoft Launcher is the one evolving at the fastest pace, as Microsoft keeps releasing beta updates nearly on a daily basis.

Furthermore, the stable builds are also regularly updated with new features, and this certainly seems to pay off, as the Launcher is now heading towards the 50 million downloads target in the Google Play Store.

Microsoft Edge is also taking shape quite nicely, but the browser is currently between 1 million and 5 million downloads in the Store.