Last week, Microsoft released a version of Cortana for the iPad. Cortana is already available for the iPhone but has now been optimized for larger iPad screens. It is also reported “20 percent faster,” according to the release notes.

Cortana can do essentially the same things as Google Assistant and Siri, although it does not have the same level of access to iOS and Android devices as these native assistants. However, Cortana can be set as default wizard on Android devices.

Microsoft said last year that Cortana has more than 150 million users across its ecosystem, which includes Windows 10, Android, iOS and the Xbox. It also has an SDK strategy to extend the wizard to third-party hardware devices. Amazon and Google virtual wizards are also integrated into third-party devices.

Cortana is available on Windows PCs and Siri is integrated with the new MacOS. From now on, the Google Assistant will be available on all Chrome OS devices (that is, Chromebooks) in the near future. The particular implementation (keyword versus button) will be at the discretion of the device manufacturer. The Pixelbook is currently the only Chromebook to integrate the Google Assistant.

Previously, Google said that the Google Assistant is installed on more than 400 million devices. Apple later retorted that there were 500 million active users of Siri in the world. The installed base of Alexa’s users by Amazon is probably less than 50 million.

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