Microsoft says Windows 10 benefits from the fastest adoption ever recorded by a Windows version, and while statistics do seem to indicate that this OS version is growing, it’s still far behind previous releases like Windows 7.

And new data provided by Mozilla and collected thanks to Firefox browser, Windows 7 has no reason to worry just yet, not only because it continues to be the leading browser for its users, but also thanks to the fact that Windows 10 appears to be declining these days.

Windows 7 is at this point the number one operating system for desktop Firefox users with a share of 44.68% in the week of January 7, while Windows 10 is the runner-up with 35.41%. The worse news for Microsoft is that this week brought opposite performance for these two operating systems, and while Windows 10 declined, Windows 7 actually improved.

Windows 8.1 is at this point the third desktop platform among Firefox users with 7.96% share, while macOS is far behind with just 3.04%.

Firefox and Windows 10 users

Without a doubt, these figures can’t be used as an indicator of the global performance of Windows 10 and they only concern the Firefox user base. Furthermore, they could also be a sign that Firefox itself isn’t very popular among Windows 10 adopters, where users might also be opting for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser.

Data provided by third-party research firm NetMarketShare shows that Google Chrome is the leading desktop browser with more than 60 percent market share, while Edge is far behind with some 5 percent. Mozilla Firefox has more than double the market share of Edge.

For those readers who want to see the glass half-full, the good news is that Windows 10 is getting closer to Windows 7 with every week and month. Windows 7 will reach end of support in January 2020, so the sooner Windows 10 overtakes it, the easier the transition will be for Microsoft itself.

Google Chrome is currently the leading browser on the desktop

Google Chrome is currently the leading browser on the desktop