Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) just announced the release of Essentials providing small businesses for the first time a variety of applications for what the company calls the world’s first platform of CRM. Sales Cloud Essentials and Service Cloud Essentials are the first Salesforce Essential apps available.

Applications are backed by the power of Trailhead from Salesforce, Einstein AI, Lightning and AppExchange, which will allow small businesses to access enterprise CRM solutions . Salesforce says that it goes to companies facing the test of the future in a fast-paced digital environment while allowing them to work smarter and faster by focusing on customers.

Small businesses spend a lot of time on manual processes. According to Salesforce, this can represent 23% of an SME’s work day. This means that a quarter of their time could be better used to drive more productive business initiatives, such as growth. Salesforce Essentials has been designed to meet this challenge in an easy-to-use platform that small organizations can leverage.

In a press release, Mike Rosenbaum, executive vice president of CRM applications at Salesforce, said, “With Essentials, we used all the power of Salesforce and adapted it the unique needs of small businesses. companies. Essentials is easy to set up and use – and it’s scalable, so small businesses can add new features quickly and easily as they grow.

Salesforce Innovation for Small Business

Salesforce Essentials offers the same innovative solutions and CRM platform as those used by 83% of Fortune 500 companies. Salesforce said the only difference is that it has been optimized to meet the needs of small businesses.

Tools include using Trailhead to get started quickly with Salesforce and learn what you can do with the technology. Once you know your way, you can use Einstein, the Salesforce AI platform, to work smarter and work faster with the Salesforce Lightning platform and the Salesforce mobile app.

When you’ll be up and running for the next step, scalability will not be a problem anymore, because Essentials relies on the world’s # 1 CRM platform.

The new applications

Sales Cloud Essentials gives small sales teams the opportunity to work smarter and sell faster by increasing the efficiency of the sales process. Teams can access complete customer history, including historical activity, key contacts, customer communications, and internal discussions within Lightning Sales Console. The information, which includes reports and dashboards of the company’s performance, can be accessed from anywhere with the Salesforce mobile app.

Cloud Service Essentials makes it easy to set up an assistance service to offer personalized customer service instantly. It gives service agents a complete view of all customer interactions in a single, unified desktop view. This allows agents to understand the background and context of each call so that disputes can be resolved quickly and accurately.

Customers can contact by phone, email, Twitter or Facebook. And the Mobile Cloud Service application allows agents to provide customer service from anywhere.

Launch of Salesforce Essentials – Price and Availability

The Salesforce Essentials, Sales Cloud Essentials and Service Cloud Essentials apps are now available. They are priced at $ 25 per month per user, but you can try them for free for 30 days.

Image: Salesforce