Nokia is reportedly working on a brand new model that could use several design and technology cues from the old Lumia 1020 running Windows Phone.

While it’s not yet clear how exactly the phone is going to look, leaks that happened during the weekend revealed that HMD-owned Nokia wants to build a penta-lens camera phone that would be more or less reminiscent to the Lumia 1020.

At the moment of its launch in mid-2013, the Lumia 1020 came with the best camera on a smartphone, as it featured a 41-megapixel unit with Carl Zeiss optics, OIS, xenon flash, and manual focus. Given the fate of Windows phones, Lumia 1020 eventually bit the dust just like the rest of Lumia models and the mobile operating system developed by Microsoft.

But Nokia, which has in the meantime found a new owner, wants to use the idea behind Lumia 1020 to build what’s believed to be the Nokia 10, a phone that would excel in terms of camera with a penta-lens design and Android (most likely Oreo if it launches this year).

Android 8, Snapdragon 835

One particular leak shows a sketch describing the camera design, with five different cutouts for the camera lenses and two more for an LED flash.

It’s believed the Nokia 10 would also integrate a fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone, and feature an 18:9 display. It’s not yet clear if it’s going to be edge-to-edge or the phone would still feature noticeable bezels, but judging from the aspect ratio, there’s a good chance bezels will be very small.

The same leak indicates the device would most likely be made from glass, and this hints that wireless charging is possible as well. If it launches this year, expect the upcoming Snapdragon 845 chipset to power the phone, as it’s the case of the Samsung Galaxy S9 to see daylight next month.

While it’ll replace Windows Phone with Android, the upcoming Nokia 10 could be a very appealing device for those who’re still on Windows 10 Mobile, especially if the familiar design of the Lumia 1020 is retained. More leaks are expected in the coming months, ahead of a possible launch at IFA later this year.

Lumia 1020 launched in 2013 with a 41-megapixel camera

Lumia 1020 launched in 2013 with a 41-megapixel camera