Just now, NVIDIA has announced the availability of a new GeForce Game Ready Graphics driver, namely the version 390.77, which adds support for NVIDIA Freestyle, thus giving users the ability to apply post-processing filters during gameplay.

In addition to that, the producer’s update provides a better gaming experience when playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance, War Thunder, Black Desert Online, or Metal Gear Survive titles, and resolves Dirt 4 corruptions and flickering (with SLI enabled).

Moreover, version 390.77 will also resolve Neverwinter Nights problems, make sure Geforce Experience stars correctly on Optimus notebooks, fix the 3DMark benchmark performance drop, and implement other changes as highlighted in the Release Notes below.

As for the operating systems, the current update is compatible with both desktop and notebook configurations running a 32- or 64-bit variant of Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 platforms. Still, take into account that TITAN V cards require a specific package for Windows 7 64-bit platforms.

Regarding installation, first ensure this release supports your GPU model, save the appropriate package compatible with your operating system, run it, and wait for the wizard to extract all files required for the upgrade.

Afterward, just follow all on-screen instructions for a complete and successful installation. Also, it would be a good idea to perform a system reboot to allow all changes to take effect properly.

That said, download NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Driver 390.77, apply it on your computer, and continue to check our website to be aware when a newer version is available for download.