Today, at the GTC conference in Nvidia the company unveiled a wild technology demo that comes straight out of Black Panther. In simple terms, a driver using virtual reality remotely controlled a car in real life.

“It’s not with us,” said Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia, pointing the pilot on the scene. “He’s watching this virtual world through live video.”

The driver sat on the convention center stage wearing an HTC Vive and sat in a cockpit-like car with a steering wheel. Using Nvidia’s Holodeck software, a car was loaded (the same Lexus used in Black Panther). Then, a video stream appeared showing a Ford Fusion behind the convention center.

The demo of the show was basic but worked. The RV driver apparently had complete control over the vehicle and managed to drive it, but slowly, around a private lot. He sailed around a van, drove a few hundred feet and parked the car.

The car was empty all the time.

Nvidia has detailed none of the platforms running the systems and has not announced availability. The demo was just a proof of concept. Jensen even exclaimed “we do not know how to call it. How do we call it?”

Autonomous driving technology is a huge market for Nvidia, and the company is a leader in providing technology. And demonstrations like this one are a great way to keep the focus on the capabilities of the company.