OnePlus is the latest phone manufacturer making the rounds because one of its devices exploded, and this time, the company is also accused for not handling the whole incident the way it should.

Indian OnePlus 3T owner Akanksha Rachel Saini revealed on Facebook that her smartphone exploded due to what appears to be a bad battery, with parts like the motherboard broken into pieces and other components ending up completely melted.

Fortunately, nobody was injured following this blast, but as the owner explains, OnePlus hasn’t been very keen on resolving this case properly.

Second OnePlus model that explodes

Akanksha Rachel Saini says OnePlus was mostly interested in “the technicality of the situation,” most likely asking questions regarding the phone’s condition when the incident occurred. While these are details that a phone maker needs to know when dealing with such extreme incidents, the OnePlus 3T owner says the company “only cares about the phone.”

“For the #OnePlus it might be just a phone but for me it was a Life threatening accident,” she posted, adding that she reported the explosion to the company nearly a month ago.

“I have spoken to nth number of customer service agents but nobody has a bloody clue and all they care about is the ridiculous back cover and the mother board which i have shouted my lungs out and informed that it got burnt in the accident,” the woman continues.

Furthermore, Akanksha Rachel Saini claims another OnePlus model belonging to a friend exploded recently due to a bad battery and just like in this case, the company’s support team showed little interest in dealing with what she called “a life-threatening accident.”

OnePlus hasn’t yet released a statement on these claims, but given that the whole incident is now public, the company is expected to at least speed things up a little bit and look into what caused the explosion faster. We’ve contacted the firm to ask for more information and we’ll update the article should an answer be offered.