Opera 51 is now available for download with several new features and improved browsing speed, and the developing team says the browser can be no less than 38% faster than Mozilla Firefox.

In the release notes published today, Opera says the new version of the browser is compiled with Clang on Windows, and this helps it benefit from substantial performance gains that make it substantially faster than Mozilla Firefox 58.

There are also several other smaller tweaks that enhance the browsing experience with Opera. For example, when browsing sites like Facebook or Twitter, or reading a long article on a page, you can just click the active tab to quickly jump at the top. Clicking the tab again gets you back.

Additionally, Opera 51 also introduces collapsible lists of opened and closed tabs, which come in very handy to users who keep several websites running at the same time.

“You will find these lists in your tabs bar situated to the far right side of tabs bar. This will declutter the right side of the browser after opening the tabs menu while also making it easier for you to locate a particular tab,” Opera explains in the release notes.

Desktop wallpapers

Also starting with this version, tabs can be permanently pinned even if you close the tab, and all of them will be restored after launching the browser once again.

Opera has also updated the private mode with a new animation (which you can disable from settings), while video pop-outs come with a back to tab option.

And last but not least, there are now options to reset browser settings and clean everything from Settings > Browser > Reset browser settings. You can also set your own desktop wallpaper in Opera and back up preferences to avoid profile corruption.

You can download the latest version of Opera for Windows, Linux, and macOS from Softpedia using these links.

Opera 51 on Windows 10