The developers behind the Parrot Security OS ethical hacking distro announced over the weekend the release of Parrot 3.11, which comes built-in with patches against Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities, and some new features.

Poised to be the last release in the 3.x series of the Parrot Security OS ethical hacking and penetration testing GNU/Linux distribution, the Parrot 3.11 release is here with the latest Linux 4.14 kernel and patches against the Meltdown and Spectre security vulnerabilities that put billions of devices at risk of attacks.

“This new release introduces many improvements and security fixes compared to the previous versions. It includes by default all the Spectre/Meltdown security patches currently available and an updated version of the Linux 4.14 kernel,” reads the release announcement.

Here’s what’s new in Parrot Security OS 3.11

Coming one and a half months after Parrot Security OS 3.10, the Parrot Security OS 3.11 release sports a new “Car Hacking” menu that contains a great collection of open-source tools designed for testing real-world cars against hacks, as well as to simulate Controller Area Network (CAN bus) networks.

Moreover, the Metasploit and PostgreSQL packages have been updated and patched to work flawlessly in live mode, and the recently released Mozilla Firefox 58.0 “Quantum” web browser is included by default. The stability of the installer was improved as well, along with the graphics stack.

Many updated security tools are included in this release, which re-introduces the Parrot Studio edition designed for multimedia production, now with numerous improvements, as well as an improved version of the Parrot Home edition for workstations, which comes pre-installed with many useful productivity tools.

While the Parrot Security OS 3.x series might receive security updates, it doesn’t look like there will be a new ISO release as the development team works on the next major series, Parrot Security OS 4.0, which will be launched soon with new features. Until then, you can download Parrot Security OS 3.11 right now.