PicoBrew announced today a new product in its growing range of brewing equipment. Called the Z series, this product targets serious brewers with a scalable design that allows greater accuracy in large reproducible batch sizes. And with the larger model, the Z4, the owner ends up with a stack of brewing devices that reinforces the thought that we are finally living in the future.

The Z series uses the PicoBrew technology created in 2013, called Zymatic, which allows you to brew using only grains. The new series includes improved fluid distribution and heating components throughout the system. Each unit is stackable and rackable allowing homeowners to create a series of connected infusion devices.

The Z series shows that PicoBrew is moving towards new markets. Since the original product, the company has targeted home brewers with office devices. And his latest device, the PicoStill, shows that the company is still targeting small batch processing. The Z series is the adult PicoBrew and ready to go to work.

Prices also reflect the new target market. The base model, the Z1, costs $ 2,500 and is capable of producing 2.5 gallons per brew cycle. The Z2 delivers 5 gallons and costs $ 4,000, the Z3 is 7.5 gallons and costs $ 6,000 and the Z4 produces 10 gallons per cycle and costs $ 8,500. All models are available at a reduced price if pre-ordered before March 15th.

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