Do you participate in Internet discussions? Or do you read something and move on?

It seems nowadays that it’s getting harder and harder to stay away from discussions – let’s call them discussions – on the web. But all these discussions are not toxic or involve trolls.

This is true. Sometimes these are constructive conversations based on a good article that people have read. And from time to time, it’s impossible to get away from a big conversation on social media.

Your social networking strategy or business blog should involve at least part of the creation of a committed audience. So your goal might be to start a conversation like this – maybe about your brand.

But again, social media can also be a time sink. Are you spending too much time on these social media conversations? How much is too much?

So, in the question of this week’s poll, we want to know if you are participating in these discussions. Or are you staying completely, for better or for worse? Let us know the frequency of your comments on social media and blogs by answering the question below.

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