The Government of Quebec declared that it was not 39 was not interested in providing cheap electricity to Bitcoin miners via Hydro-Quebec at a conference on Friday, March 2, Bloomberg reports

a conference in the capital city, Prime Minister Philippe Couillard hinted that, contrary to earlier statements of Hydro-Quebec itself, ] “Making Bitcoin Mining” without providing ” Added value “ for the economy was unfavorable.

“If you want to come and settle here, plug your servers and” did he say:

“It is necessary that There is added value for our society; I do not see the added value of having servers for mining transactions and acquiring new bitcoins.

Quebec quickly surfaced on the radar of cryptocurrency mine operators around the world this year. A massive exodus from China and elsewhere pushed Hydro-Québec to be “flooded” by a deluge of partnership demands, companies seeking to take advantage of cheap wholesale rates.

Last January, the public service warned that [traduction] “will not be able to supply” the number of projects interested in settling in the province. Bloomberg adds: [traduction]

“If all we do is connect the bitcoin miners who have applied, we could create a problem for ourselves” . Quebec CEO Eric Martel said on February 28th.

“There are limits to what we can do, I have a huge network with a lot of capacity, but I can not host the entire planet.”

On the other side of the border in the state of New York, authorities have authorized Bitcoin on a large scale. Mining begins to function, depending on the additional jobs and economic value that it would bring to the local community.