Love it or hate it, Call of Duty has been the dominant player in the FPS market for over a decade now. Its first few entries didn’t set the world on fire, but 2007’s Modern Warfare redefined the genre, and arguably hasn’t been topped in quality by any iterations that have followed since.

This prompted COD to go full circle in 2016 and remaster it, proving to be a solid lead-in to last year’s return to World War II. This has piqued widespread interest in the series all over again, after several years of declining returns.

No two games in the franchise have ever shipped with an identical offering of multiplayer game types, as additions, tweaks and removals always occur from release to release. Some modes are eternally popular and always present, some never achieve much in the way of popularity, falling by the wayside, and some are exclusive specialties of one of the three developers (Treyarch, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games) as they take it in turns to make an entry every three years.

Every mode from fifteen years’ worth of games will subsequently be ranked, with some grouped together, given that the differences between them are extremely minimal in cases.

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