Fintech startup Revolut launches a new type of virtual cards – disposable cards for online shopping. Although you can already generate additional virtual cards for a fee, this is a different type of virtual card because it is destroyed after each transaction.

If you usually shop on Amazon or have a Spotify subscription, these services first asked you to enter your card number and continue to charge the same card.

But what happens if you end up on a questionable site but you really want to buy this funny pair of socks? Chances are that you will never buy anything disturbing on this site. And you do not want to give them your real card information.

Now you can generate a virtual map in Revolut and enter it on this weird site. After the transaction, Revolut will disable this card forever. If the site wants to charge you again, the transaction will fail.

And if you go shopping, Revolut generates a new disposable card a few seconds after using the existing card. You will not be able to use these disposable cards for online subscriptions and recurring payments. But disposable cards can be helpful in preventing fraud. You need a premium subscription to access the disposable cards.

There is no change to permanent cards. When you create a Revolut account, you get a free virtual card. You can get a physical card for £ 5 / € 6 or you can subscribe to a Revolut Premium account to get it for free. Additional cards (physical or virtual) cost £ 5 / € 6, with a maximum of five cards in total.