Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) is continuing its integration of Google Assistant into more services as it seeks to compete with Alexa’s Amazon and even Apple’s Siri when it comes to payments. The last effort is to be able to send money from your contacts using your voice and Google Pay.

Send Money with Google Voice Assistant

The new feature allows you to send or ask for money using the Google Assistant on your Android and iOS devices. This will be extended to voice-activated speakers like Google Home in the coming months.

For small businesses that already use P2P payment solutions like PayPal, Apple Pay, Square or Zelle, Google will be another platform that you can use to pay your freelancers or receive payments for the products and services you provide. . The good thing about Google is that you know it will be available, so integrating your customer on this platform will ensure continuity and long-term service. And right now, it’s free.

Sending money

Before you send money with Google Assistant, you must first sign up for Google Pay, created recently by merging Android Pay and Google Wallet into one. brand to streamline digital payments.

The registration process requires linking a debit or credit card from American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa to US banking institutions.

Once you have a funding mechanism in place, you only have to say “Hey Google, ask John for $ 30 for dinner last night” or “Hey Google , send Jane S30 to the grocery store “and Google Assistant will do the rest.

When you send money, Google says that it will be available almost instantly. Recipients will be notified via email, SMS or via a Google Pay app notification, if they have it installed, so that they can make a withdrawal. If the app is not installed, the funds will be transferred and they will be asked to register to obtain it.

At this time, the new service is available only in the United States and English.

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