Sony has made available a new firmware package compatible with its PlayStation 4 gaming consoles, namely version 5.05, which only improves the unit’s performance quality; just like its previous PlayStation 4 Firmware 5.03 release.

Therefore, if you intend to enhance your PS4 once more or just want your console to run the latest firmware version, first, save the appropriate .PUP file on a computer; Sony has provided two packages: an upgrade file (~360MB) and a re-installation file (~9100MB).

Either way, create a “PS4/UPDATE” path on an FAT32-formatted USB stick, transfer the firmware file there, back up all important data stored on your console, and connect the removable storage to your PS4 unit

Now, if the upgrade package is used, go to Settings > System Software Update, follow all instructions displayed on-screen, and apply the new firmware version on your console without erasing any user data or modifying settings.

As for the re-installation file, restart the console, select the “Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)” option, and wait patiently while the device does the job. Bear in mind that this method deletes all users, data, settings, and any other files found on the console.

Considering all of the above, download Sony PlayStation 4 Firmware 5.05, apply it, and constantly check our website in order to stay “updated one minute ago.”