The South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb announced plans to provide kiosks to restaurants and cafes with an option for guests. their Bithumb titles crypto, the local Zdnet newspaper reported on March 7.

The kiosk brand, called Touch B, is the result of a February partnership between Bithumb and manufacturers of Unos Space kiosks, Tros Systems and IYU for Bithumb. “optimized supply kiosks for small businesses that operate restaurant franchises, small restaurants, and cafes.”

Zdnet reports that Bithumb has launched three services, two of which have been named in the article Touchpad kiosks and Touchbone, offering business owners options based on their size and their card requirements. Rental costs for Touch B kiosks will be offered for 10% less than the regular rate to help small businesses use Bithumb products.

The third service is called Bithumb Cache, a password-based service. allow Bithumb’s clients to convert their funds for use at the kiosk with their password, so “generat [ing] synergy [between the food] business [and] the bureau de change.”

According to a statement by Bithumb,

“The entry into the activity of the kiosks is significant to provide substantial benefits and rental services at low prices to small business owners.We will continue to work in various Blockchain-based industries. We will continue to provide global solutions to small businesses through our partnership. “

Bithumb ranks Ranked fifth worldwide in transaction volume over a 24-hour period, contributor Cointelegraph Joseph Young tweeted yesterday March 9 that Bithumb’s announcement could really “fuel [crypto] adoption in South Korea. “:

Earlier this month, Australian crypto exchange also combined cryptocurrencies and small businesses by launching a system that would allow 1,200 newsstands to through Australia to sell crypto through iPad mini.