SAN FRANCISCO – Alexa, the digital assistant of Amazon, bursts out of a strangely terrifying laugh at random intervals for some users and no one do not know why.

Af Twitter posting, Alexa users described laughter as “scary”, “diabolical”, “bone-chill” ng “and” weird “.

The Amazon Alexa team says that she is aware of the problem and is working on fixing it.

Laughter comes at irregular hours and does not seem to come in response to any specific request or comment. The first reports of laughter began to surface during the weekend.

The short laugh that users have recorded and posted on Twitter consists of three “ha-ha ha” closely spaced.

it is possible to describe the laughter, this one looks slightly sarcastic, as if the person laughing was trying to say that they did not really find what they had just heard. It’s really not a cheerful or brilliant laugh.

Random laughter is different from the “teehee” laugh that Alexa gives when asked if it can laugh.

Why was it programmed in Alexa, what is laughter supposed to answer and why does it suddenly appear randomly on some users’ Alexa?

A surprisingly large number of Americans interact with digital speakers, despite the fact that they appeared on the market a little over three years ago, in November 2014.

According to eMarketer, 35.6 million # Americans used a voice-activated digital assistant at least once a month in 2017.

Amazon’s Echo speakers are by far the most popular among those on the market, including Google Home and more recently the Apple HomePod. Amazon eMarketer estimates at 70% of the market.

Juniper Research estimates that 55% of American households will have one in the next four years.

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