Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile is quickly approaching a 0% market share, and statistics show that most of the users abandoning the platform move to Android, with only a few of them actually embracing Apple’s ecosystem.

Kantar data for the three-month period ending December 2017 shows the migration from Windows phones to Android helped Google’s mobile operating system minimize the losses it recorded following the debut of iPhone X and Apple’s increasing share globally.

“Despite a strong performance by iOS across most markets, Android losses have to some extent been cushioned by the rapid fall of Windows, whose share now stands at under 1% in all markets except Italy,” Kantar says.

Share in top markets

In the EU5 region, Windows phones dropped to 0.7% sales share, down from 2.6% in the same period the year before. Specifically, the biggest drop was experienced in France where the platform fell 3% to 0.2% and in Italy where it declined 2%.

In Spain, on the other hand, Microsoft’s mobile operating system lost 0.5% and is now at 0% sales share. For comparison, Android is the leading choice in this country with a share of no less than 87.1%.

As far as the non-EU markets are concerned, Windows phones collapsed in the United States, though it didn’t happen at the same high pace as in the rest of the world. Microsoft lost 0.2% here to 0.6%, while in China it remained at 0.1%, just like in 2016. On the other hand, Windows phones dropped to 0% in Japan as well.

The biggest growth recorded by Android, with Windows phone users as contributors, took place in France where it posted an increase of no less than 3.4% to reach 75.6%. The biggest share right now is Spain where Android was running on 87.1% of the phones sold during the tracked period.

As for the future of Windows phones, not much is happening on this front, with Microsoft itself recently confirming not only that no new phones and features are planned, but also that the Windows Insider program for mobile was discontinued.

Windows phones collapsed in all markets worldwide