The Dyson Cyclone V10 wireless cleaner that Dyson unveiled today at an event in New York marks a new milestone in the range of battery-powered vacuum cleaners . In fact, this means the end of the plug-in models, even for those who have been reluctant to give up their large voluminous continuous power versions.

The Dyson Cyclone V10 still has Dyson’s most advanced digital engine. In a briefing, Dyson showed me the engine and how it compares to its previous version. I am not an electric motor engineer, but I can say that it is much smaller and lighter (made possible by using ceramic instead of metal in its construction) and that is something that will blow the existing models in terms of performance. ]

Performance is obviously what matters most to end users, and although the underlying enabling technology is attractive to gadget and technology enthusiasts like me and our beloved audience, the use of vacuum in daily cleaning makes it a real step change in terms of Dyson vacuum progress.

I used a lot of Dyson wireless machines, but the Cyclone V10 is the first one I found that really enthused me and able to give up my hoover vacuum for the cleaning the entire house. The suction, which is about 20% better than the V8 that it replaces, is much better, and the larger bin that aligns on the vacuum shaft instead of the perpendicular not only retains 40% of dirt and dust, but also flow because the air does not have to travel anywhere but in a straight line just down the machine.

The light of the thing too – it looks like it’s going to be heavier and bulkier than previous versions, but it really does not look like, and it’s easy to use to lift up and down. On the ceiling and in other places difficult to access.

The battery life is really the most lethal feature of this void, however, it can work up to 60 minutes with a single charge (which only takes 3.5 hours to be plugged in ). It’s a full hour of cleaning, which is more than most people need to vacuum in all their place. There is also a super suction mode that will remove your load in less than 10 minutes, but it really does work when you have dirt, for example. And new to this model, there is an intermediate step for when you want to balance power and time.

Dyson has also done something great with the user interface of this machine, putting more battery information via simple LEDs. You will now see when there is a blockage, for example, and also be alerted when the vacuum detects that its unique filter needs to be washed to restore full suction power. It sounds like a small detail, but based on my experience with Dyson vacuum cleaners, having a clear sign of when you should clean these filters is really a huge help.

1520349405 804 the dyson cyclone v10 wireless vacuum embodies the end of corded cleaning - The Dyson Cyclone V10 Wireless Vacuum Embodies the End of Corded Cleaning

In the box with the Cyclone V10, there are a variety of cleaning head options, including two cleaning heads, one designed for hard floors and the other geared towards the rugs. Both have built-in motors to increase their cleaning power, and the carpet brush also features adjustable “door” type elements that can be raised and lowered to allow larger debris to be sucked up rather than removed. 39 to be pushed.

Dyson has focused on his portable vacuum cleaners with a clarity of purpose that he’s having to essentially focus his attention on plug-in models (also useful since the engine technology and the battery could also apply to his car plans). of purpose), and the benefits of this are clear in Cyclone V10. It has been proven that my two – story apartment, with an area of ​​approximately 1,300 square feet, offers a great void, and I am pleased to announce that the model I use I have not left the closet since I got it.

The Cyclone V10 is on sale at $ 499 US ($ 599 in Canada) on the Dyson website as of today and will be available retail from April.