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In its ever-increasing incursion into the cryptocurrency industry, the Japanese financial group SBI has invested in a cryptocurrency equipment based in Taiwan. portfolio developer.

SBI Holdings, the financial services division of the Japanese group SBI, announced its 40% stake in the Taiwanese crypto manufacturer CoolBitX. An announcement from SBI Holdings does not reveal the exact amount of investment in CoolBittX, a hardware manufacturer specializing in cold wallets.

With its growing portfolio of business and operations related to cryptocurrency, SBI Holdings has revealed its intention to utilize CoolBitX’s security technology for risk management within its business in areas such as customer asset maintenance. The Japanese conglomerate specifically mentions “CoolWallet” from CoolBitX, a hardware device used to store private cryptocurrence keys that interface with iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth.

[SBI] through its venture capital subsidiary SBI Investment, has become one of the first traditional conglomerates in the world to invest in Kraken bitcoin exchange early 2016. The Japanese financial group has pursued its investment as lead investor in bitFlyer, the largest and best-funded cryptocurrency exchange in Japan. At the end of 2016, SBI announced its intention to launch its own cryptocurrency exchange, which would be the first platform of exchange supported by the country’s banks. Despite its registration with Japan’s financial regulator, the launch of the exchange was postponed for security reasons, as has been reported recently.

SBI also plans to issue its own digital currency based on the blockchain, directly negotiable with the Japanese yen, for use in instantaneous payments and P2P transfers. SBI Holdings has notably co-launched SBI Ripple Asia with Ripple, based in San Francisco, to propel the adoption of cross-border real-time blockchain-based payments between banks in a number of countries around the world. 39; ASEAN.

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