If coffee is the food of innovation, pour on it. Give me an excess of that, overeating, the appetite can suffer, and so die. And if you want to serve me coffee, do it from Rite Press, a clever hack on the traditional French press that adds some features that even the high-end models do not have.

The press – which costs $ 35 for a half-liter model and $ 40 for the liter model – achieved its goal on Kickstarter and I was able to play with it during last weeks. The press has two special features. One is a small readable thermometer on the plunger that ensures that the temperature of your water is in the proper range for a good infusion. Second, the system includes a magnetic timer that looks like something that Hal Solo would use to time his Italian roast.

It also has a very clever removable bottom that allows you to easily clean the floors. The Kickstarter ends in thirteen days and they have already far exceeded their goal.

Again, it’s a low technology thing. You could buy a very basic French press for a lot less. I particularly like the design here and I think we should support the creation of new and unique kitchen appliances or be buried in an avalanche of status quo devices. As a coffee fan and fan of good design, RitePress is something that I am happy to find behind me.

  1. 1 liter black stainless steel – in bed 2

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  5. 1 liter black stainless steel _ silver

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