When the back of humanity is against the wall and the robots have cornered us, I would say that I am all to have a few with a baseball bat. However, by then, we have to be nice to our fellow mechanics and this robotic turtle will help our kids learn that robot abuse is a bad idea.

Researchers at Naver Labs, KAIST and the Seoul National University created this robot to show children the consequences of their robot actions. Called Shelly, the robot reacts to the keys and slams. When he is afraid, he changes color and retracts into his shell. The kids learn that if they hit Shelly, she will be angry and the only thing missing is a set of biting jaws.

“When Shelly stopped her interaction because of the abusive behavior of a child, the other members of the group who wanted to continue playing with Shelly often complained about it, possibly limiting the abusive behavior of others,” said Jason J. Choi from Naver Labs to IEEE. . The study revealed that Shelly’s reactions have reduced the amount of abuse that the robot has taken to angry toddlers.

The researchers showed Shelly at the ACM / IEEE International Conference on Human Robot Interaction last week.