Thor Ragnarok Cameo Heads
Marvel Studios

Given the fact that James Gunn has turned the usual comic book movie Easter Egg chase into an Olympic sport with his hidden references in both Guardians Of The Galaxy movies, it’s no real surprise that MCU fans have suddenly got very good at spotting tiny details in their favourite movies.

Just as impressively, the directors are now increasingly adding more and more obscure and well-hidden things in there to reward those super observant souls. And Taika Waititi certainly did that in Thor: Ragnarok.

The director is probably the most mischievous spirit to have his own MCU movie so far – or at least what he projects – and his sense of humour was always going to mean we’d get some very Waititi moments. The whole portrayal of Korg the Kronan – voiced by the director himself – was just one of those things, but it wasn’t Waititi’s only role in the film. Nor his cheekiest.

Thanks to Redditor Maxxiexy‘s eagle-eyes, we now know that Waititi appeared twice in the Sakaarian uprising scene – both as Korg and as one of the heads of another escaping alien warrior. He lent his head – as did Chris Hemsworth – to the distinctive three-headed combatant, and now it’s impossible to unsee.

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