MARK.SPACE, an ambitious start-up based in Singapore that has Russian roots , recently put to 3D design competition among its users promising massive symbolic rewards. In addition, the platform has cooperation agreements with partners such as Jaguar Land Rover, Jeans GAS, Desigual, Trussardi, Baldinini, Patricia Pepe, Liu-Jo, Dstrezzed, Satorisan and others. Therefore, there is no need for a SOFT-CAP installation.

Imaginary Rooms and Real Chips

Founded in 2015, MARK.SPACE shows great promise, and it’s one of the few VR startups that decided to develop a platform built on its own Blockchain.

The project is presented as “a unique platform where everyone can create their own site or 3D unit compatible with virtual reality – in a quick and easy way”. This also has applications in business-to-business transactions – users can apply the template to businesses, e-commerce, and communities.

Following the roadmap of the project, a platform for decentralization of the development of the concept was completed in July 2017. And at the end of 2017, the project launched a 3D constructor for users

SPACE management announced a virtual real estate competition for project participants. The “Best Apartment” contest allows all registered users to create from scratch a 3D and VR compatible online web space, as the company calls it.

According to the announcement, the contest will end on February 28, 2018 and will include three nominations: “Best Creative Work”, “Best Content” and “Community Favorite”.

The most popular submissions in each nomination will receive a large amount of MRK tokens – the internal currency of the platform. Submissions must be published on either Facebook or Twitter, with all votes coming from the large platform community, according to the ad.

Making Real, Virtually!

According to the project’s white paper, the MARK.SPACE universe consists of multiple VR spaces (units), in which each unit can be linked directly to its own top-level domain.

“The right of ownership over the units is guaranteed by the registration of all transactions involving units (creation, sale, purchase or lease) on the Blockchain,” says the white paper. All unit owners can buy, sell or rent their units to others using smart contracts.

The startup has already invested more than 5 million USD of personal funds in the development of the platform. prototype.

The first step of MARK.SPACE tokensale ended on February 7, 2018 and the company was able to raise $ 7 million. The absolute ceiling for this step was $ 35 million. The second stage is scheduled for January 2019, after the goal of Blockchain implementation will be achieved.

An internal currency – the MARK token (MRK) – is a utility token allowing all users to sell and buy VR spaces. objects, consume various goods and services, pay salaries to their employees and buy advertisements to promote their businesses through the platform.

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