Apple’s decision to launch the iPhone X in 2017 wasn’t really surprising given that the company celebrated the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, but it looks like this particular naming approach makes sense for other OEMs as well, including Samsung.

The South Korean firm wants to rebrand its Samsung Galaxy S series starting with the 2019 generation, and the name that it wants to use is Galaxy X. Again, this particular moniker is the logical choice since it’s the 10th generation Galaxy S, but it comes at a time that could only make many people believe Samsung is once again copying its long-time rival Apple.

The report comes from GizChina, which claims that this year’s models will be the latest devices to hit the market as Galaxy S. The Samsung Galaxy S9 will be unveiled on February 15 and will go on sale in March.

iPhone X versus the Samsung Galaxy X

Without a doubt, having two different X-branded models on the market will be received with mixed reactions from fans of the two companies, but on the other hand, they’re both names that have a logical explanation.

Samsung, for instance, is believing to be looking into re-branding the Galaxy S series to X because otherwise the numbering could reach a point when everything becomes awkward. Just think that in the coming years, with a new generation released every 12 months, you could be able to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S12 or S13.

What’s going to be interesting to watch, however, is how both Apple and Samsung plan to call their devices launched after the original X models. Apple is set to take the wraps off the first major iPhone X upgrade in the fall of this year, and some say the new device could be called either iPhone 9 (which doesn’t make much sense since iPhone X is pronounced iPhone “Ten”) or iPhone XS.

Time will tell if this new approach is the right call for Apple and Samsung, but it looks like sooner or later, we’ll have to choose between X models running either Android or iOS.