Microsoft has been pushing hard for Windows 10’s market share to increase at a faster pace, but until now, the latest operating system lagged behind the much older Windows 7.

And while in global market share Windows 7 continues to be the leading choice on the desktop, statistics provided by, which analyzes visits to US government websites, reveals that Windows 10 is already the king.

Windows accounts for 45.7% of all visits, and Windows 10 is the top choice for users with 20.9% versus Windows 7 with 20.7%. These statistics are based on data collected in the last 90 days and include not only desktop visits, but also those taking place on mobile.

This is the reason iOS is the second platform in the charts with 25.2% of all visits, followed by Android with 18.2%. Apple’s Mac is just far behind with 9%.

Google Chrome, top browser

Overall, 55.6% percent of the visits to government websites come from the desktop, while 38.5% take place on a mobile device. Only 5.9% of them happen on a tablet.

As far as the browser that’s being used to load the government pages is concerned, the analytics service puts Google Chrome on the first spot with 44.4%, followed by Apple’s Safari with 27.6%, mostly thanks to the high share of iOS. Internet Explorer is third with 12.3%, while Edge is far behind with only 3.9%.

This is without a doubt good news for Microsoft, especially because the company needs more users to give up on Windows 7 and move to Windows 10, but again, the data only concerns US government websites and aren’t an accurate indicator of the global market shares of the two operating systems.

Windows 7 will be reaching end of support in approximately two years and Microsoft can only hope this switching to Windows 10 trend would continue in the remaining time to minimize the security risks of running unsupported software.

Traffic data for US government websites

Traffic data for US government websites