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Every year, with America and the wider world training their eyes on the biggest game on the NFL calendar, film studios and TV makers take advantage of having such a captive audience by spending a hefty chunk of their marketing budget on releasing Big Game spots and trailers.

These teasers inevitably become some of the most watched of the year, and while some studios sit it out, there are still some huge movies trailed around the on-field action.

From Star Wars to Jurassic World and the MCU, there was a lot to take in. Thank God there was football to break it all up.

Here are the biggest trailers from the biggest game of the year…

12 Avengers: Infinity War

It might not be particularly long, but with Disney buying a couple of Big Game slots (as well as a Lexus Black Panther ad), it was inevitable that we’d see more from Avengers Infinity War.

There isn’t a huge amount of story in there, but we do get to see Cap’s new shield, Spider-Man being taken on a ride into space and Iron Man’s nano-techology armour. And there’s very much a sense that Thanos really is the big bad the MCU needs.

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11. Solo: A Star Wars Story

After nothing for months, we get two trailers for Ron Howard’s Star Wars prequel in a matter of hours. The first is no more than a trailer for the trailer – which always delights fans – but at least it gave Big Game fans the chance to see Alden Ehrenreich as the eponymous hero and first looks at some of the other characters.

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