Talented concept designer Matt Birchler has published on Tuesday his ideas on what new features and designs Apple should implement with the upcoming watchOS 5 major operating system release for Apple Watch devices.

Every year, Apple unveils new major versions of its iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS operating systems during the annual WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) event, showcasing the new features and improvements it has implemented, and concept designers like Matt Birchler try to illustrate them.

This year, Apple will most probably unveil watchOS 5, the fifth significant update to the operating system that drives Apple Watch devices, those tiny computers on your wrists, and we can’t wait to see what Apple’s engineers and designers have come up with for this release.

But, as Apple never reveals its plans before the main event, WWDC 2018 in this case, we can only dream of some of the goodies that Matt Birchler designed in his concept, including gorgeous new layouts, support for third-party apps in the Siri watch face, always on watch faces,

“Now that said, watchOS is far from perfect and there are tons of things that could be done to make it not only a better experience for those who already own one, but to draw in more people to the platform,” said Matt Birchler.

Apple needs to let devs create third-party watch faces

Another interesting suggestion that we bet all Apple Watch wearers will love is for Apple to allow third party developers to make their own watch faces. This way we’ll have a huge selection of both free and paid watch faces to choose from for our Apple Watch devices, with infinite customizations.

Automatic workout detection, winter activities in the Workout app, along with Ice Skating and Sledding, more “seasonal” activity badges, competitions, a “rest day” function, automatic sleep tracking, and a podcast app are also on Matt Birchler’s list of requested features for watchOS 5, along with some other smaller enhancements.

As an Apple Watch wearer, I only hope for Apple to add automatic sleep tracking, support for third-party watch faces, and more of those achievements and badges. It’s not much, isn’t it? Comment below on what you’d like to see on watchOS 5, and check out Matt Birchler’s excellent design concept list (via 9to5mac).

watchOS 5 concept

watchOS 5 concept

watchOS 5 concept

watchOS 5 concept