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1. What does it take to be a startup that raises huge sums quickly?

“Feature # 1: Focus on Cancer Immunotherapy.” So, uh, that might be hard to duplicate.

2. The dinner that destroyed Gawker

A juicy extract from the new book by Ryan Holiday Conspiracy: Peter Thiel, Hulk Hogan, Gawker, and Anatomy of Plot .

weekly startups increasing huge amounts quickly - Weekly Startups: Increasing Huge Amounts Quickly

3. DoorDash raises $ 535 million, now valued at $ 1.4 billion

Restaurant Delivery Service DoorDash joins the Unicorn Club with its latest round of financing – a cycle run by SoftBank Group.

4. The public graves are ahead of Spotify’s suggestions against everyone

The secret of Spotify’s public market debut is actually an acquisition made in 2014. The Echo Nest powered the musical recommendations of Beats Music, Rdio, Vevo and iHeartRadio before Spotify underestimated them.

5. Circle Acquires Cryptocurrency Exchange Poloniex

Circle is an interesting startup because it’s hard to know what it’s doing.

6. Revolut went bankrupt in December, now has 1.5 million customers

On average, Revolut attracts today between 6,000 and 8,000 new users per day. While social networks or messaging apps would be reasonably happy with these numbers, it’s ridiculously high when you compare that growth rate with the good old banks.

7. GoBee Bike throws sponge in France

Starting the bike rental blames the closure on vandalism.

8. Pagedraw User Interface Builder Turns Your Website Mock-up into Code Automatically

For years, one of the holy grail of web design has been trying to automate the transformation of the front-end design into its own code. Pagedraw, supported by Combinator, has developed a tool to realize this vision in a modern context.

9. Industrious takes $ 80M to upgrade WeWork for the company

Industrious is positioning itself as a more premium version of WeWork, offering coworking spaces and workplace services at some 35 locations in 25 cities across the country.

10. Rhino disposes of security deposits for rented apartments

For a monthly fee, Rhino provides its owner with an insurance policy for potential damages that would normally be covered by a deposit.