Windows 10 on ARM is now a real thing, and since the first devices are on their way, Microsoft has now started accepting apps in the Microsoft Store that are specifically aimed at this version of the operating system.

Developed to run on Always Connected PCs powered by Snapdragon chips, these apps will become available for download in the coming weeks, as the first OEMs are now giving the finishing touches to their Windows 10 on ARM devices before the public launch.

Microsoft says in developer documentation that apps should be optimized to target as many architectures as possible, as this allows them to run smoothly on all Windows 10 devices.

“Recently, we’ve added new options that let you offer your submission to customers on Surface Hub. You can now also offer ARM packages to Windows 10 S on a Snapdragon processor (Always Connected PCs),” Microsoft says.

“If you include an ARM package in your submission that targets the Universal or Desktop device family, this package will be made available to Windows 10 S on a Snapdragon processor (Always Connected PCs) devices as long as the Windows 10 Desktop device family box is checked.”

The Windows 10 on ARM effort

HP, Lenovo, and Asus are three of the companies embracing the Windows 10 on ARM effort, and all devices will be focused on offering the best possible battery life. Some models can reach 22 hours of active use per charge, Microsoft and its partners say, thanks to optimizations to the Snapdragon chipset and this special Windows version.

New devices powered by the Snapdragon 845 processor and running Windows 10 will see daylight later this year as well, despite the same chipset becoming available on smartphones as soon as the next month on the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Optimizing mobile chipsets for PCs, however, requires additional work and time, with Microsoft and Qualcomm expected to announce the first models powered by Snapdragon 845 by the end of the year.