Microsoft has already confirmed that there are no new features and hardware planned for Windows 10 Mobile, so it’s no surprising that the platform keeps losing share in every single market across the world.

And statistics provided by Kantar for the three-month period ending November 2017 indicate this is indeed happening, with Windows phones approaching 0 percent sales share even in Europe where Microsoft’s mobile operating system was more successful than anywhere else.

Specifically, Windows phones dropped 2.1% in German to a sales share of just 0.6% versus the same period in 2016, while in the United Kingdom, the platform fell 1.7% to 0.6%. The drop was even more substantial in France where it reached 3.1% and is now at 0.5%, while in Spain Windows phones declined 0.5% to no more, no less than 0%.

This leads us to an EU5 sales share of just 0.7%, down 2% from the 2.8% score the operating system was holding the previous year.

Performance outside the EU

Things aren’t better in the United States either where the market is dominated by Android and iOS devices. Windows phone’s share decreased 0.3% to 0.5%, while Android increased 4% to a record 59.4%. This means that nearly 6 in 10 phones sold in the US in the three-month period ending November were running Android.

The only market where Windows phones improved, and this is surprising to say the least, is China, where it posted a growth of 0.1% to a total sales share of 0.2%. Of course, this doesn’t mean anything when comparing Windows phones with Android, as the latter accounted for 75.5% of the phones sold here.

Overall, it’s pretty clear that Windows phones are heading to extinction and without Microsoft showing any signs of commitment to the platform, it probably makes sense for this to happen.

Right now, Microsoft is more focused on improving its apps and services on iOS and Android, so if you’re still on Windows phones, you know what you have to do.