The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has launched an investigation into cryptocurrency activity, the Wall Street Journal reported today. February 28th. Undisclosed sources told WSJ that the regulator had an unknown number of invitations and requests for information from advisers and technology companies active in the US cryptocurrency market. United. with respect to the sales and pre-sales structure for country offices, which are not subject to the same rigorous public offer review. The increased pressure follows earlier SEC investigations, which suggested that many symbolic sales and ICOs could violate securities laws.

Earlier this month, Jay Clayton, president of the SEC, pledged the perceived promise “of an increased stock market value following an investment announcement in cryptocurrency and technology Blockchain.The SEC has recently fallen on several companies, suspending the activities of some because of imprecise associations with cryptocurrency and cryptographic matters.

While US federal agencies are more wary of Cryptographic business at the state level, the state of Wyoming takes a particularly laissez-faire approach to regulating cryptocurrency by enacting a law that completely exempts tokens from securities regulation If they meet a short list of requirements, Wyoming also submitted a bill earlier this month which, if passed, would exempt cryptocurrencies from property taxes. , according to its current status according to US tax law.

The Arizona State Senate has passed an invoice that allows cryptocurrencies to be used to pay state taxes and license fees. If she passes the House of Representatives of Arizona, she will be the first state to accept cryptocurrencies in payments to the government.